2020 Bike Is Bestwas an incredible year for everyday cycling.

Local Bike Shop Day, managed by the Association of Cycle Traders, is one of the cycling initiatives working hard to ensure that momentum continues. We're proud to announce that we're founding members of the #BikeIsBest campaign as a supporter.

Established by Fusion Media, the #BikeIsBest campaign is fuelling the bike boom by breaking down the barriers that prevent people from cycling like infrastructure, representation and access to bikes.

Research shows that for journeys between 1-2 miles in England, 60% are driven. These journeys, we believe, are the low-hanging fruit to start to build habitual cycling.

Bike shops have a crucial role to play in supporting new and returning cyclists, so Local Bike Shop Day is getting together with other industry leaders within the Cycling Marketing Board, as a #BikeIsBest partner, involved in two large scale media campaigns and research studies across 2021 designed to drive long term cycling growth.


Join the #BikeIsBest movement - it's free and easy!

Get involved with the national movement and help deliver new cyclists in the UK by signing up to support the #BikeIsBest campaign on the ACT website here.

Once you've signed up your shop will be displayed on The Cycling Experts website as a bike shop offering friendly advice.

You can also show your support for the #BikeIsBest campaign in-store, on your website and on social channels.