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Activate Cycle Academy to start delivering the new Bicycle Mechanic Apprenticeship Standard

13 Jul 2020

Following the recent Government announcement pledging extra investment and funding for businesses hiring an apprentice, Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (formerly ATG Training)... Read more…

Local Bike Shop Day 2020 new date confirmed as Saturday 5th September

17 Jun 2020

A poll among participating retailers of Local Bike Shop Day has confirmed a new date to celebrate bike shops across the nation
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Cycling Industry Unites to Launch #BikeIsBest Campaign

11 Jun 2020

50 industry organisations join forces to launch "the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s" Read more…

Advertise your jobs with the ACT for FREE

2 Jun 2020

For a limited time only we are giving the cycling trade free access to the full range of ACT job boards!
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Free ACT subscription to help IBDs through Covid-19

13 May 2020

The ACT are offering IBDs three months of FREE access to the UK cycles community with ActSmart bronze subscription in return for a small charitable donation
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Local Bike Shop Day 2020 postponed following retailer vote

31 Mar 2020

As Local Bike Shop Day is a day encompassing the whole trade, the final judgement was given to the bike shops that had signup to take part. Out of all the respondents the overwhelming majority -... Read more…

Local Bike Shop Day participation predicted to double in 2020

13 Mar 2020

The ACT and Cyclescheme join forces to make Local Bike Shop Day 2020 the biggest yet!
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Insync Bikes supports IBDs with new range of Lectro e-bikes

12 Mar 2020

Local Bike Shop Day supporter Insync Bikes is ramping up its campaign to support IBDs with a new exclusive range of British designed e-bikes branded Lectro
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Local Bike Shop Day Stories: Rides on Air

11 Mar 2020

Rides on Air has been in Wallingford town centre for almost 100 years. Read about how they will be celebrating Local Bike Shop Day this year!
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Get your shop involved with Local Bike Shop Day Stories

5 Mar 2020

Local Bike Shop Day Stories is an initiative that helps to spread the word of the positive impact that local bike shops have on their local communities
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Local Bike Shop Day named as a Key Industry Trend for 2020

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

The most recent BikeBiz issue features a Trendspotting section, in which three key cycling organisations look ahead to what are sure to be key industry trends throughout 2020, including Cycling UK, Sustrans and The ACT.

Industry trade organisation the ACT identifies key events throughout the year that can be used to promote IBDs such as Local Bike Shop Day, as well as highlighting innovative digital technologies that drive in-store footfall.

Chris Hall, Head of Business Development at the ACT, said the following about how IBDs can benefit from getting involved in Local Bike Shop Day:

"Promoting more cycle-specific celebrations such as Local Bike Shop Day (LBSD) can also be a great way to stand out. Initially launched in 2018, LBSD has since grown to have over 150 bike shops taking part and the most recent LBSD on 4th May 2019 saw the hashtag #supportyourlocalbikeshop have over 100,000 total impressions.

"The day provides IBDs with a great opportunity to run promotions, to drive footfall and web traffic and to ultimately increase revenue."

"The day provides IBDs with a great opportunity to run promotions, to drive footfall and web traffic and to ultimately increase revenue. Better Health Bikes, who took part in the 2019 LBSD, said that it had the "busiest day ever with the highest turnover and many new customers". It also said of the day: "Local independent bike shops have little voice within national and local news outlets but Local Bike Shop Day is helping to give IBDs a voice and stay front of mind." The 2020 LBSD stands to see a number of leading suppliers, organisations and sponsors jumping on board to help drive the event even further."

Continue reading the full BikeBiz Trendspotting article to discover more upcoming 2020 trends.

The ACT are the driving force behind Local Bike Shop Day and hope to make the 2020 day the biggest one yet. Signup your shop on the Local Bike Shop Day website.


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