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Local Bike Shop Day 2020 celebrated by record number of shoppers across the nation

15 Sep 2020

Local Bike Shop Day's postponed date of 5th September was the perfect time to celebrate the recent upturn in cycling and draw attention to allthat local bike shops have done for us... Read more…

Local Bike Shop Day prize winners announced

15 Sep 2020

Read which lucky bike shops and customers were chosen to receive Local Bike Shop Day prizes
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Activate Cycle Academy's New Cytech Training Facility Opens

7 Sep 2020

The new cycle mechanics training facility at Merrist Wood College in Guildford, managed by Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (ACA), has oficially opened and courses are being... Read more…

UK Cycling resurgence timed perfectly for Local Bike Shop Day 2020

2 Sep 2020

The ACT and Cyclescheme join forces to make Local Bike Shop Day 2020 the best yet.
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Download your free Local Bike Shop Day 2020 digital Retailer Promo Pack

27 Aug 2020

There is now just over a week to prepare for this year's Local Bike Shop Day! To make preperations as easy as possible for IBDs during this busy time the ACT have created a digital Retailer... Read more…

Get your free retailer pack now by signing up on the Local Bike Shop Day website, last few remaining!

20 Aug 2020

Over 200 of these packs have already been given away to participating retailers, to get yours make sure you sign up now!

Read more…

How do you feel about cycling? Take the survey now!

19 Aug 2020

With a surge in cycling across the UK The London E-Bike Festival and TheCycle Show want to hear how you feel about cycling and whether your participation levels are set to increase.
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Cycle September returns to help make cycling the New Normal

18 Aug 2020

Awareness has grown in recent years that cycling is a ‘silver bullet' to solve several twenty-first century problems, such as air pollution, congestion, obesity and heart disease. Cycling... Read more…

Independent Retailers Confederation partners with ‘shopping appointment' solution to bring confidence back to shopping

18 Aug 2020

New service eliminates the need for customers to queue to get into independent shops
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Get Pumped Up to cycle and join the World's Biggest Bike Ride on 12 September

14 Aug 2020

Cycling UK have launched a new campaign- Pumped Up- to celebrate the joy of the bike across our towns, cities and countryside and reminding people about the fun and freedom that cycling... Read more…

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Insync Bikes supports IBDs with new range of Lectro e-bikes

Posted on in Cycles News

Manchester based bicycle maker and supporter of Local Bike Shop Day Insync Bikes is ramping up its campaign to support independent bike dealers (IBDs) with a new exclusive range of British designed e-bikes branded Lectro.

The range of five Lectro e-bikes is available now for IBDs with a full parts, warranty and servicing package. The e-bikes are being made by Insync's parent company, the world's biggest bike maker, Hero Cycles, at its factories in India based on designs made at the Hero Global Design Centre in Manchester. The Lectro range comes just a month after the launch of Insync's new range of IBD-only mountain bikes under the Coyote brand.

Insync Bikes sales director Wayne Clarke said the Insync team is very excited by the new Lectro range which has undergone rigorous testing in India and the UK and complies with all EU regulations and safety standards.

Insync Bikes"The Insync team has worked really hard on creating this Lectro e-bike range exclusively for IBDs over the last 12 months or so," he said. "We have taken our time to get the designs and critically the support package right, including swift availability of parts and servicing. The feedback from IBDs is that e-bikes are really beginning to capture the public imagination. The innovation is changing the way we cycle and commute by making cycling easier with the added power. But the key for us is to enter the market understanding exactly what IBDs want - an e-bike at an affordable price point with all the right support. For some consumers the £3000-£5000 price range of e-bikes is too high which is why Insync has created the Lectro range in the £999-£1199 range. This is about taking e-bikes to a mass audience and helping IBDs get business through the door with a strong product. The design of e-bikes is also really adapting fast. The urban bikes in the Lectro range are so streamlined in their design, with the battery concealed, that the e-bikes look just like a normal bike without a bulky battery."

Wayne said Insync is looking to build stronger links with its IBD network with the Lectro range.

"The IBD network can offer a service consumers cannot receive online, they can advise on a wide range of bike related questions as well as offer support for repairs, which is a critical part of the buying and aftercare process."- Wayne Clarke, Insync Bikes sales director

"We are very fortunate to have long standing relations with our IBD network of around 400 shops nationwide but we want to grow that number," he said. "As with the Coyote IBD only MTB brand customers will be able to view the Lectro e-bikes on our B2B corporate website, and then if they want to buy the e-bike the website will direct them to their nearest bike shop. It is vital to make e-commerce work for traditional bricks and mortar bike dealers. The IBD network can offer a service consumers cannot receive online, they can advise on a wide range of bike related questions as well as offer support for repairs, which is a critical part of the buying and aftercare process. A digital concept like click and collect works best when the bike dealer is on-hand to offer expert advice."

Pat Aherne, manager of Bolton-based Ebike Capital, has taken delivery of two Lectro models, which he expects to prove popular with customers of the store, which opened in May 2019. He said: "E-bikes are absolutely massive at the moment, whether the riders are people wanting to commute to work, young riders who want that extra push when riding up hills or people with impairments such as hip or knee replacements who still want to ride but can't manage a mechanical bike. We sold an e-bike to a 92-year-old recently who wanted to continue to cycle but needed some extra help. These are people who thought their cycling days were over but they don't have to be.

"The Lectro range comes at a great price for the specification, which opens up the e-bikes market to even more people. We're looking forward to working with Insync and excited to showcase these bikes to our customers."

Wayne said in keeping with the Insync Bikes company ethos the e-bikes will be aimed at families looking to improve their fitness, health and well-being through cycling. A growing body of research now shows the considerable mental and physical health benefits of cycling for all ages (see notes to editors).

Hero Cycles acquired Manchester bike company Avocet in 2015 and in 2019 the company's name was changed to Insync Bikes.

For more details on the Lectro e-bike range visit, call +44 (0)161 727 8508 or email

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